Dip Powder Colors

The most fascinating thing about dip powders is their colors. The color options have been made limitless to an extent that you can choose the color you want from the diverse shades that exist. However, there exist those powders that are made up of pure colors like black, blue, red, pink and yellow among others. These colors are then used to produce numerous shades with each one of them carefully branded to make it unique. All of these colored dip powders are of very high quality.

dipping powder

Which Colors Exist In A Dip Powder System?

The colors that exist in dip powders are almost limitless. It is so hard to specify the number of colors that exist in each dip powder system. Colour shades make dip powders more fascinating where different powders are mixed and branded to come up with a specific color. It has also been deemed possible to mix different powders from different systems to produce a specific unique shade which might not be present in any of the existing systems. This defines the existence of limitless colors to an unfathomable level.

If you would visit the SNS nail supply store, you would notice the number of dip powder colors that are available in the SNS dip powder system. The same would apply to the OPI powder colors system and any other existing system. For example, the Kiara sky system contains colors like yellow, white, silver, red, purple, pink, orange, nude, green, grey gold, coral, brown, blue and black. All these colors have different shades. For example, the pink color has 46 different shades that are differently named. All these shades present additional options that you can choose from. Apart from the specific color, each one of them has been categorized into various types like shimmer, sheer, pearl, neon, matte glitter, holo, glitter and cream. This is also done in all the other systems hence creating a limitless number of dip powder colors. The colors that each of the brands produces might be countable but when all the brands are combined, the number of colors and shades that can be formed.

Can Different Colors Be Mixed?

At a certain point, you might feel that the dip powder color from the dip powder system that you chose does not attract you as much as you thought. Also, you might have applied all the colors in your dip powder brand and you now need a change. You are not limited to the nature and number of shades that you come up with by mixing different powders. You can mix different colored powders from the same system or even from different systems. This brings about unique colors that cannot be found in any system. Through this, you would be adding to the number of color shades existing in dip powder colors.

Which Dip Powder Colors Are The Best?

The extent to which a specific color attracts you is determined by an individual. Each of us gets attracted to a specific color in a specific way. Therefore, there are no colors that can be termed as the best for the user. Each person chooses the intended color and the one that attracts them the most.  This would also be the reason as to why a person would mix powders of different colors to come up with a unique shade that only attract this person. As time goes by, the manufacturers of the dip powder systems are also introducing more colors and shades into the market depending on the customers’ preferences and the possibilities that come into light. This aims at having the greatest variety of colors and shades that can capture the attention of as many people as possible. Due to competition, the quality of the dip powders produced seems to be almost the same hence manufacturers are using color variety as a competitive advantage. The one with the greatest number of color shades attracts more customers than the one will fewer colors shades.


It would be impossible for anyone to establish the number of colors and color shades that exist in all the dip powder systems. If we add the possible color shades that the combination of different colors and shades can bring, we are left with limitless possibilities. It is acceptable to mix different colored dip powders from the same system or different systems in order to create a unique shade. However, we cannot be specific on the best DND gel polish and lacquer for the users since different colors tend to attract different people in different ways.