Benefits of Gel Nail Polish and Why Everyone Should Own It

What occurs as a primal thought in your mind when you think of magnifying your nail glam? A funky nail color! Right? Well, this thought is mutual with millions of people out there, since nail makeover is trending globally. Gone are the days when settling for conventional nail paint was the norm. Now, nails have a strong impact on a person’s appearance and their perception in one’s mind. However, having stunning nails and those that can stand out is a little time-consuming process. Thankfully, there are various solutions to this problem.

Benefits of Gel Nail Polish and Why Everyone Should Own It

So if you’re having a very hard time choosing the color gel nail polish, you’ve come to the right spot. No wonder, because gel nail polish is a hot trend in the beauty world, settling for a color that is a head-turner can be very if you decided to get gel nail polish, we will sift you through its incredible benefits.

Benefits of Gel Nail Polish


The most intriguing benefit to putting faith in gel nail polish is that it has impressive longevity. For your information, if rightly applied, the gel nail polish won’t fade away before 4 weeks. After all, it is hard to peel them off or get broken, if you run your hand against something.

Why Could We Say That OPI Has the Best Nude Nail Polish Colors?

As has been known for a long time, OPI is a very old nail polish company with a history dating back to 1981, OPI is very professional in the field of manufacturing nail care and beauty products for nails. All OPI product lines such as OPI nail lacquer, OPI gel nail polish, OPI infinity shine, OPI dipping powder, etc, so far, OPI has released more than 36 collections with many different designs and functions. Each type and each product line have the same purpose of beautifying the nails, but the most familiar product to many consumers in recent times is still OPI gel polish colors.

The OPI gel nail colors 2021 collection features over 140 colors featuring the famous iconic shades exclusive to OPI. The vibrant colors and outstanding quality have long made the brand name for OPI colors, but it would be really lacking without mentioning the nude colors of OPI gel polish.

The nude colors of OPI gel nail polish collection

Best Nude Nail Polish Colors

OPI gel polish colors have all nude shades of colors like: pink, brown, gray, yellow, orange, red. Each shade has its own trendy beauty. They are all the most popular nude shades right now, besides that, there are some colors and shades only available in OPI gel nail polish colors’ collection! When you choose to design your nails with nude OPI polish, your nail set will be so awsome, it has fewer chips and more shine, you can also enjoy a addorable nail set up to three weeks of intense wear and shine!

Acrylic Nail Polish Vs. Gel Vs. Dipping Powder

Ever since nail polish became a significant cosmetics accessory for women globally, the debate between gel polish and acrylic is always on. Nail polish lovers keep harping on acrylic nail polish as one of the sturdiest and durable nail manicures. Yes, acrylic nail polish can be beautiful but not as elegant-looking as gel polish manicures. Compared to traditional gel polishes and dip powder manicures, the acrylic polish lasts longer. However, acrylic nail colors have their flip side too. This article concentrates on all these aspects.

Acrylic Nail Polish Vs. Gel Vs. Dipping Powder

Gel nail polish

Before we step into the acrylic polish domain, let us briefly discuss gel polish and its plus points.

Gel manicures are a 3-step process involving a basecoat application, layers of gel polish, and finally, a topcoat layer over your natural nails. Each layer requires curing under a UV lamp for 30 seconds to two minutes, depending on the thickness of the layer and the product you use. On hardening, gel polish sticks to your nails and does not smudge. Thus, your nails retain the well-manicured look for two to three weeks.

Top Reasons You Should Always Have DND Nail Polish in Your Beauty Box

DND is a nail polish company that focuses on providing high-quality products. Their polishes are made with the best ingredients and don’t contain any of the toxic chemicals found in other brands. At DND, they take pride in their product, and it shows! Nails are the perfect accessory. They can make a statement without saying anything. DND daisy gel polish company offers nail polish and gel nails for anyone who wants to put their best foot forward with some extra flair. You can’t go wrong with Daisy DND polish when it comes to your nails. From salon use and at-home DIYing, these polishes are the real deal!

DND Nail Polish

Do you have a beauty box? If not, you better get one! DND nail polish is the perfect addition to any beauty box. Gel nail polish doesn’t need UV light or a unique lamp to dry, and it will last for weeks without chipping or peeling. This article explains top reasons why DND gel nail polish should be in your beauty box today.

Top Reasons You Should Always Have DND Nail Polish

DND nail polish is excellent for people with an active lifestyle. Gel nail polish doesn’t chip or peel, so you don’t have to worry about your nails looking bad after a long day of doing chores around the house, running errands, or working out at the gym.

DND gel nail polishes are perfect for special occasions! No need to worry if your manicure will last through that big wedding reception – just use one coat, and it will look as good on day five as it does on day two!

Why Are SNS Dip Nails Better?

Since I travel a lot, I know the latest trends in beauty and nail care. At least, I thought I knew. That was until one of my girls initiated me into the world of dipping powder. I had heard a bit about this new nail manicure but never tried it before. I was skeptical as to how powder could stick to nails. Nevertheless, I tried it out when on a trip to the US to visit my girl. The result has been mind-blogging to such an extent that I vowed that I would never go back to gels again.

Let me share my experiences with you so that everyone can benefit and have the best SNS dip powder nails in town.

Let me clarify that SNS dipping powder is a leading brand of dip powder polish globally. It has its virtues and vices, with the former have a definite edge. I felt a great sense of pleasure when the nail salon technician started working on my nails. The colors were vibrant and bright, with my nails shining through. Besides, I experienced that the polish was as hard as acrylic and glossy as a gel. I must confess that it was a bit of both.

The best aspect of the entire nail manicure was that the glossy effect remained the same throughout my stay in the US. The only thing that forced me to go for its removal was my nail’s natural growth. The removal procedure was comparatively more complex than the one I used to remove gel polish, but it left me with nails as strong as before. From that day, I have never looked back at any other manicure except for the dipping powder.

I shall break down the entire procedure for your benefit to get to know that the dipping powder manicure is not only attractive but also comparatively safer than gel and acrylic polish. Go ahead and have a blast.

What is Dip Powder?

From the fashion viewpoint, dip powder is not new. It has been there since the last decade of the 20th century. The system has two crucial aspects, the powder and the liquid hardening agent. I learned that the liquid is based on cyanoacrylates, the same ingredient used for suturing wounds and eyelash glue. As this product reacts with the moisture present in the air, it hardens.

Ombre Dipping Powder with Spider Gel Technique

It is colorful, lively and most importantly, fun! It is the newest trend in nail art, the spider gel technique. This innovative nail art has been sweeping social media platforms because it looks so much fun. It can transform a basic nail art into a works of modern art. This also makes a good alternative to the sparkly stuff, so what are we waiting for? Let’s keep the ball rollin’ and let’s create our own look.

Spider Gel Technique

1. Green and Yellow Ombre with Spider Gel on Top

To start, create the ombre basecoat using LDS D104 Wanderlust and LDS D99 Pale Yellow. For a sparkly touch, dip the brush of LDS Liquid Gel Base on glitters and apply it on the nail on a fading effect. Then create a free-hand design using spider gel and that’s it.

Dip Powder Colors

The most fascinating thing about dip powders is their colors. The color options have been made limitless to an extent that you can choose the color you want from the diverse shades that exist. However, there exist those powders that are made up of pure colors like black, blue, red, pink and yellow among others. These colors are then used to produce numerous shades with each one of them carefully branded to make it unique. All of these colored dip powders are of very high quality.

dipping powder

Which Colors Exist In A Dip Powder System?

The colors that exist in dip powders are almost limitless. It is so hard to specify the number of colors that exist in each dip powder system. Colour shades make dip powders more fascinating where different powders are mixed and branded to come up with a specific color. It has also been deemed possible to mix different powders from different systems to produce a specific unique shade which might not be present in any of the existing systems. This defines the existence of limitless colors to an unfathomable level.

If you would visit the SNS nail supply store, you would notice the number of dip powder colors that are available in the SNS dip powder system. The same would apply to the OPI powder colors system and any other existing system. For example, the Kiara sky system contains colors like yellow, white, silver, red, purple, pink, orange, nude, green, grey gold, coral, brown, blue and black. All these colors have different shades. For example, the pink color has 46 different shades that are differently named. All these shades present additional options that you can choose from. Apart from the specific color, each one of them has been categorized into various types like shimmer, sheer, pearl, neon, matte glitter, holo, glitter and cream. This is also done in all the other systems hence creating a limitless number of dip powder colors. The colors that each of the brands produces might be countable but when all the brands are combined, the number of colors and shades that can be formed.

Place to Get a Pedicure Near Me

Mostof the times, our nails are susceptible to damage through external activities. We need a way to make them stronger. In order to do so, human invented pedicurein order to beautify and strengthen their toenails and keep their feet cleanand attractive. Getting a pedicure around me has not been easy. For the lastseveral years, people around my place have been struggling to get a pedicure inother places. However, pedicure has become rampant around these areas with theintroduction of several pedicure places.

Getting a pedicure near me has now become very easy. A few things are however needed tobe done first in order to make sure that the process becomes successful.

Initially, you must get a shower in order to avoid giving a lot of work to theattendants. It also helps to eliminate the dirt that would otherwise lead to apoor pedicure delivery. Moreover, it helps to avoid the odour that may act as adistraction to the service providers.

Being decent is attractive and it wouldmotivate the concerned persons to provide services in a better way. A showeronly acts as a motivator. You then need to be having the knowledge of the placeyou are going to and if not, you at least know the amount charged on theservice that you are about to receive. Just walking out to go and receive apedicure is not enough. You have to know the amount that is charged and themeans of payments used in order to avoid chaos.