Why Are SNS Dip Nails Better?

Since I travel a lot, I know the latest trends in beauty and nail care. At least, I thought I knew. That was until one of my girls initiated me into the world of dipping powder. I had heard a bit about this new nail manicure but never tried it before. I was skeptical as to how powder could stick to nails. Nevertheless, I tried it out when on a trip to the US to visit my girl. The result has been mind-blogging to such an extent that I vowed that I would never go back to gels again.

Let me share my experiences with you so that everyone can benefit and have the best SNS dip powder nails in town.

Let me clarify that SNS dipping powder is a leading brand of dip powder polish globally. It has its virtues and vices, with the former have a definite edge. I felt a great sense of pleasure when the nail salon technician started working on my nails. The colors were vibrant and bright, with my nails shining through. Besides, I experienced that the polish was as hard as acrylic and glossy as a gel. I must confess that it was a bit of both.

The best aspect of the entire nail manicure was that the glossy effect remained the same throughout my stay in the US. The only thing that forced me to go for its removal was my nail’s natural growth. The removal procedure was comparatively more complex than the one I used to remove gel polish, but it left me with nails as strong as before. From that day, I have never looked back at any other manicure except for the dipping powder.

I shall break down the entire procedure for your benefit to get to know that the dipping powder manicure is not only attractive but also comparatively safer than gel and acrylic polish. Go ahead and have a blast.

What is Dip Powder?

From the fashion viewpoint, dip powder is not new. It has been there since the last decade of the 20th century. The system has two crucial aspects, the powder and the liquid hardening agent. I learned that the liquid is based on cyanoacrylates, the same ingredient used for suturing wounds and eyelash glue. As this product reacts with the moisture present in the air, it hardens.

Cyanoacrylates are weak and naturally break, but when you have reinforcements like dipping powder, they become resistant to cracking. Here is the secret to long-lasting dip powder nails.

Is it as strong as gel/acrylic?

Compared to gel polish, dipping powder takes a long time for soaking and removal. However, it is any day preferable to acrylics that are the hardest to remove.

The Application Procedure

It is easy to get SNS dip nails. Though it is better to have a nail technician do the job, you can master the dipping procedure at home. The procedure starts with preparing the nail for the manicure. It requires proper cutting, filing, and shaping using a sterilized nail file. The surface should be smooth.

Subsequently, you apply the base coat and the activator gel. You now proceed to dip your nails into the SNS dipping powder kit bottle. Hence, you get the moniker, dipping powder manicure. The second coat of activator gel is necessary to bind the powder to the basecoat. Finally, you apply the topcoat layer to give your nails the necessary gloss. The entire procedure could take around 45 minutes to an hour.

Is it possible to have designs on my nails?

Yes, the best part of quality dipping powder products is that you can have exquisite designs on your nails even when you use dipping powder. Keep watching this dedicated space for more details on nail designs.

How do you remove the polish?

Yes, the removal procedure can also take time. You need an acetone solution or a nail polish remover containing acetone. When you soak gel polish in acetone, it flakes away easily. In contrast, the dipping powder melts and slides off. You can reduce the time taken for the procedure by carefully filing off the top layers. The thinner the powder layer, the easier it is to remove.

Is it safe?

People say that nail infection can pass from one person to another if multiple people dip their nails into the same dipping powder bottle. Yes, it is possible only if the person doing so has a nail infection. However, dry dipping powder does not provide a breeding ground for bacterial to grow. If the powder becomes wet or gets contaminated with blood, the risk of infection increases manifold. Otherwise, dipping powder manicure is a safe process.


The dip powder nails’ longevity and the exciting range of colors available made me an absolute fan of dipping powder. Today, I do not look at any other manicure at all. I love to flaunt my nails and recommend that everyone does so with gay abandon.