Why Could We Say That OPI Has the Best Nude Nail Polish Colors?

As has been known for a long time, OPI is a very old nail polish company with a history dating back to 1981, OPI is very professional in the field of manufacturing nail care and beauty products for nails. All OPI product lines such as OPI nail lacquer, OPI gel nail polish, OPI infinity shine, OPI dipping powder, etc, so far, OPI has released more than 36 collections with many different designs and functions. Each type and each product line have the same purpose of beautifying the nails, but the most familiar product to many consumers in recent times is still OPI gel polish colors.

The OPI gel nail colors 2021 collection features over 140 colors featuring the famous iconic shades exclusive to OPI. The vibrant colors and outstanding quality have long made the brand name for OPI colors, but it would be really lacking without mentioning the nude colors of OPI gel polish.

The nude colors of OPI gel nail polish collection

Best Nude Nail Polish Colors

OPI gel polish colors have all nude shades of colors like: pink, brown, gray, yellow, orange, red. Each shade has its own trendy beauty. They are all the most popular nude shades right now, besides that, there are some colors and shades only available in OPI gel nail polish colors’ collection! When you choose to design your nails with nude OPI polish, your nail set will be so awsome, it has fewer chips and more shine, you can also enjoy a addorable nail set up to three weeks of intense wear and shine!

Nude nails – the trend has never been out of mode!

Nude nail polish will bring a gentle, feminine and luxurious beauty to women. Therefore, this nail trend has never ceased to be hot in the beauty community. Find out in the following article!

Plain nude nail design

This is the simplest nude nail model, but it is loved by many women and never goes out of fashion.

The original plain nude nail model is the perfect choice for girls who like subtle simplicity, lightness and femininity. With this simple nail design, you will easily combine with many different outfits and accessories, suitable for anywhere, whether it’s work, school, going out or party.

In particular, nude nails are not picky, and can even accentuate your skin tone more than it actually is. Two nude tones are chosen by most people:

Nude pink tone

Pink is the color associated with femininity. This will be the perfect choice for the girly girls, helping to increase the sweet and romantic beauty.

Earthy brown nude tone

For those of you with dark skin, gel polish with ocher nude color is a great choice to help lift skin tone. Compared to the feminine pink tone, the earthy nude color will help you show your strength and personality without losing your tenderness.

Matte nude nail polish

If you are bored with shiny nails, try using matte nude nails. The style of rough paint on the color background has long been no stranger to beauty believers. This type of paint on a nude background will help you look softer and more feminine. It will be a big mistake if you have never tried this nail style!

Combination of nude nail color and marble pattern

If you think plain nude nails are monotonous and a bit boring, then try to change the stone texture above the nude background. This combination will create an extremely impressive, personal, luxurious and noble nail set. This nail model is impressive but not too prominent, you can still use this nail model when going to work, going out or attending a party. You will become the center of attention with your very unique nails!

Drawing textures

Many girls like motifs and patterns painted on their nails. Choose some bold textures to make your nails more special. You can draw polka dots, horizontal stripes, leaves, flowers, etc. all over or a few fingers, it depends on your preference.

The suggestion for you is to combine cute patterns with polka dots to add more cuteness!

Final thought

We have suggested some pretty, chic nude nail colors and some nail designs for you. Choose your favorite nude shades OPI nail polish colors and design your own unique nails that best suit your personality so as to become beautiful and confident in every look!