Acrylic Nail Polish Vs. Gel Vs. Dipping Powder

Ever since nail polish became a significant cosmetics accessory for women globally, the debate between gel polish and acrylic is always on. Nail polish lovers keep harping on acrylic nail polish as one of the sturdiest and durable nail manicures. Yes, acrylic nail polish can be beautiful but not as elegant-looking as gel polish manicures. Compared to traditional gel polishes and dip powder manicures, the acrylic polish lasts longer. However, acrylic nail colors have their flip side too. This article concentrates on all these aspects.

Acrylic Nail Polish Vs. Gel Vs. Dipping Powder

Gel nail polish

Before we step into the acrylic polish domain, let us briefly discuss gel polish and its plus points.

Gel manicures are a 3-step process involving a basecoat application, layers of gel polish, and finally, a topcoat layer over your natural nails. Each layer requires curing under a UV lamp for 30 seconds to two minutes, depending on the thickness of the layer and the product you use. On hardening, gel polish sticks to your nails and does not smudge. Thus, your nails retain the well-manicured look for two to three weeks.

Gel manicures allow you to have gel extensions on your nails to lengthen them. The popular technique is attaching an acrylic nail extension as an extended tip. Apply a couple of gel nail polish coats and cure each layer under the UV lamp.

Acrylic nail polish

Acrylic nail polish is different from a gel polish manicure. Acrylic nail polish is a combination of liquid and acrylic nail powder that you can apply to your nails using a brush. You have excellent acrylic nail polish products available on the market, like LDS acrylic polish.

The process of applying acrylic nail polish is easy. You apply the readymade polish on your nails and file them to emulate your natural nails. Once the shaping procedure is over, you can proceed with the basecoat, acrylic nail color, and topcoat. The final part is drying the nails under a fan. The best aspect is that you do not use a UV lamp for drying your acrylic nails. Hence, you prevent damage caused to the nails and the skin by harmful UV radiation.

Difference between acrylic polish and dip powder

Acrylic nail polish involves applying a readymade combination of liquid and acrylic nail powder. In contrast, a dip powder manicure involves dipping your nails into the dipping powder bottle to get the polish on your nails.

Dipping powder manicures do not take long to dry. The topcoat layer dries within a minute or two of applying it. On the other hand, acrylic nails can take a long time. You need to sit beneath a fan to allow the acrylic nails to dry.

Both dipping powder and acrylic polish are available in a range of exciting colors. LDS acrylic polish offers you fantastic color options to suit every occasion.

While dipping powder manicures can last for two to three weeks, acrylic paint comfortably lasts for three weeks or more.

Difference between gel polish and acrylic paints

Usually, gel polish and acrylic colors provide similar results. The primary difference is the use of UV lamps for curing gel polish. It is not the case with acrylic paints. A gel polish manicure can last for two weeks, after which you can observe the nail polish peeling off at the edges. It can also start to lift, thereby necessitating a nail polish removal job.

Removing gel nail polish is not a challenge because you can use acetone to dissolve gel polish. The best way is to place cotton balls soaked in acetone on your nails and wrap them up with aluminum foil. After about 20 minutes, you can remove the wraps to see the gel polish layer slide off comfortably. The most exciting aspect of gel manicures is that they are the most flexible of all manicures. Gel polish does not damage your nails.

On the other hand, acrylic nails have a significant drawback. While the nail acrylic and the liquid combination give your nails a protective layer, the acrylic paint can be challenging to remove. You need to visit a nail salon for their removal, while gel polish can easily be removed at home.

However, the positive aspect is that acrylic nail polish is durable. You do not have to worry about the nails chipping or breaking off. You can also refill the acrylic nails every couple of weeks to keep them intact.

The waiting period after removing acrylic nail polish is longer than that of gel polish or dipping powder. It is because acrylic paint can damage your nails, and they require more time to recuperate. However, using quality products like LDS acrylic colors can reduce the damage considerably.

Final Thoughts

Today, you have people having their individual preferences when selecting the type of manicure, they want. They can choose between acrylic, dip powder, and gel polish, depending on their tastes, season, and occasion. People who love to have glowing and lustrous nails go for gel manicures. Dip powder manicures are ideal for those who have issues with UV rays. The acrylic paint should be perfect for people preferring a durable finish.