How to Combine Two Dip Powder Colors and Have a Great Manicure?

Dip powder manicure is beautiful because it is the easiest of all manicures. For example, acrylic manicure takes a lot of time and precision. You can have a fantastic finish, but you might need the services of a salon technician. Similarly, gel polish is easy, but you need to be an expert in painting with both hands. Unfortunately, many women lack this quality.

Step by Step Apply Two Dip Powder Colors

So, the dip powder manicure reigns supreme as the easiest and the best manicure. This article explores how you can have twin OPI dip colors on your nails to look gorgeous.

Step by Step Apply Two Dip Powder Colors

Start by prepping

The first thing to do in any manicure is to clean the existing nail polish using a high-quality nail polish removal solution. Next, wash your nails properly to ensure no residual paint on your nails. Then, wipe the nails thoroughly before starting the next manicure.

Start by applying cuticle oil to the cuticles to help them regain moisture. Next, take a sterilized nail file to scrape the nail off all nail polish residue. Finally, apply sunscreen lotion on the skin surrounding the nail to prevent the base coat or topcoat from sticking to it and damaging the manicure.

Push the cuticles gently into their groove and use a nail buff to rough the nail. Next, use good quality alcohol wipes and remove the debris gently. Now, the nails are ready for the manicure.

Shake the OPI dip powder colors bottle thoroughly to enable the pigments to integrate and mix well. Otherwise, you finish with an uneven finish that can make your manicure ugly.

The dip powder part

Open the basecoat bottle and apply the basecoat in straight lines up to a millimeter away from the cuticles. Please ensure not to use more than one layer of basecoat now.

Take a brush and dip it into the dip powder bottle and tap it gently on the nail to cover half the nail. Next, you use a clean brush to smooth the lines and ensure an excellent finish. Now, take another brush and dip it into the twin color. Finally, tap this brush on the other half of the nail to get a beautiful dual-color manicure.

Wait for some time to let the powder stick to the base coat. Then, you can apply a second basecoat layer over the powder if required. Then, you repeat the dip powder procedure with both colors. Again, wait some time, allowing the dip powder to settle correctly.

Open the activator bottle and apply the activator gel to the dip powder carefully. Please ensure not to disturb the powder layer as it can end up messing with the manicure. Allow the activator gel to dry naturally under the fan. The activator gel application is crucial because it allows the dip powder to bind well with the base coat and strengthen the manicure.

The topcoat application

The final step in the dip powder manicure is the topcoat application. However, before that, you can file the nail to ensure the even distribution of the dip powder. Then, apply the topcoat in a straight line once to get a matte finish. However, you can go for multiple applications if you need a glossy feel.

The dip powder topcoat application dries within a minute of applying it. So, you must be careful. Now, your dip powder manicure is ready for display.

Which Colors Suit a Double-color Dip Manicure?

The best feature of dip powder colors is that you get an excellent range of color options to make your dual dip powder manicure gorgeous. Here are some amazing color options.

The light pink and the dark rouge

Pink is the most beautiful dip powder color because of its baby-like innocence. You can have half your nail, the bottom half in light pink shades. Then, you can add deeper pinks or rouge color on the top and make your dual dip powder manicure look beautiful.

The creamy yellow and the chocolate brown

Creamy yellow looks heavenly on the nail, especially on people with tanned skin. So, you can color the bottom portion of your nail with creamy butterscotch yellow and match it with the dark chocolate brown shade. It looks like a butterscotch ice cream with a chocolate dip.

The red and the orange

Orange and red can make a beautiful combination. The beauty of this combo is that you can have an ombre finish with the red overlapping the orange shade and look stunning. It should not matter whether you have red at the top or bottom. Either way, the manicure looks exquisite.

Final Thoughts

The dual dip powder manicure is one of the best innovations of the dip manicure. You can try it with an exciting range of marching OPI dip colors and have the best manicure among your friends.