Tips for Working Women to Keep Their Manicures Stay Longer

It’s no secret that women have to put in a lot of extra effort to be taken seriously in the business world. From dealing with discrimination in the workplace to struggling for equal pay, women have a lot on their plates. But one thing that shouldn’t have to take up any extra time or energy is keeping your nails looking good. Unfortunately, many working women find that their manicures don’t last as long as they would like them to.

Tips to Keep Manicures Stay Longer

Here Are Some Tips for How to Make Your Nails Last Longer at Work

Keep Your Nails Short

If you’re trying to make your manicure last, it’s best to keep your nails on the shorter side. Long nails are more likely to get chipped or catch on things, which can lead to a quicker demise for your polish job.

Invest in a Good Base Coat

A good base coat will help your nail color go on smoothly and evenly, and it will also help protect your nails from staining. It’s worth it to invest in a quality base coat if you want your manicure to last.

Choose Long-Lasting Polishes

There are some great long-lasting polishes on the market these days, so there’s no excuse for having chipped nails. Do some research to find a polish that will give you the results you want without having to reapply it every other day. One such highly popular product is DND gel polish which is known for its long-lasting stay and beautiful finish. Do give it a try.

Be Careful with Your Hands

Of course, you can’t avoid using your hands entirely while you’re at work. But try to be as gentle as possible with them, and avoid activities that could put stress on your nails (typing vigorously, opening cans, etc.)

Bring along a Touch-Up Kit

Things happen – you might get a chip in your polish or smudge your manicure while you’re at work. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a touch-up kit on hand. This can help you make small repairs so that your manicure looks good as new.

Be Careful with Your Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is great for keeping your hands clean, but it can be tough on your nails as it contains alcohol which can damage your manicure. If you use it regularly, try to find a gel or foaming version that’s less harsh.

Get Regular Manicures

If you want your nails to look their best, it’s important to get regular manicures. This will help ensure that your nails are properly shaped and that your polish always looks fresh. Plus, it’s a great way to relax and pamper yourself!

Use More Durable Nail Products

One very useful tip is to use nail products that are more durable. One such product is nail lacquer. As compared to a traditional nail polish, this product will give your nails an extra layer of protection and make them last even longer. You can try out the SNS nail lacquer of your favorite color and see how wonderful the results will be.

Be Careful with the Removal

When it’s time to remove your polish, don’t just rip it off. This can damage your nails and cause them to become weak and brittle. Instead, use a gentle remover and take your time so that you don’t damage your nails in the process.

Moisturize Regularly

Regularly moisturizing your hands and nails is important for keeping them healthy – and it can also help extend the life of your manicure. Use a quality hand cream or lotion several times per day, and consider investing in cuticle oil to keep your nails looking their best.


If you’re looking for ways to make your manicure last longer, we’ve got some tips for you. By following these simple steps, you can help keep your nails looking their best for weeks on end. Whether you’re a busy professional or just don’t have the time to get mani/pedis, these tips will help you take care of your nails at home So what are you waiting for? Try out our tips today and see how long your manicure lasts!